Bentrol can design, install and maintain Building Management Systems of any scale or budget.

Bentrol are partners with Siemens, Honeywell (Niagara), Sphere and Optergy; this allows us to select the best product for your needs. Our team is knowledgeable and trained in programming and operating numerous products from the most prominent names in the industry. The Bentrol team can design solutions from the ground up for your next project whether it be a hospital, mine, hotel, school or anything in between; we haven’t found a challenge too big yet. Check out our case studies to see what we can do.



We offer BMS energy optimisation for hospitals and multi-storey commercial buildings.


We offer 24×7 support with our maintenance agreements. With this you’ll get priority support, no matter when you need us.


We offer tailored control solutions specific to your access requirements.


We can provide video monitoring with remote viewing so that you can keep an eye on your assets.


We can configure email, phone and SMS based alarms to notify you when something goes wrong.


We can fully monitor your essential systems to ensure that they are operational.


Greater Shepparton College

New “Virtual” Server
With 4 x Niagara BMS supervisor software and hardware and in conjunction with Honeywell controls, making this job perfect for mostly VRV AC and condenser on the roofs with some stand-alone DX Units that Mitsubishi make.
Work carried out
AC Units and BMS controls to be operated on predetermined scheduled times, but with overriding manual mechanical controls. All can be controlled centrally controlled for each building with capability for expansion for more than 50 units.

Bendigo Health


Bentrol handled all project stages, modifying mechanical, electrical, and Sphere Systems BMS for the Energy Centre. They installed Apogee BMS, Gallagher Access Control, and CCTV. Bentrol developed a custom interface for the existing Sphere BMS and new access control systems. In the final stage, they decommissioned redundant BMS and access control, while installing new systems for the conference center and car park/helipad.

Catherine McAuley College

Mercy Junortoun Sports Expansion
Overseeing the design, programming and installation of BMS components to be controlled a virtual machine at the school. BMS controllers are located separately to the MSSB and include a network switch for the BMS equipment.
Work carried out
The control system utilises Siemens Apogee/Desigo controllers, and be monitored/controlled by the BMS. The ERV can be used for full or partial outside air dampers, which is selected by either the sports hall CO2 economiser controls.

Horsham Glasshouse

HVAC Controlling System

Ongoing maintenance with various capabilities using Honeywell software and hardware, to ensure site is kept up to date with latest features and security.

Work carried out

Liaised with customer about ongoing issues with system/graphics, Bentrol improved operations to link to specific systems instead of buttons for equipment. Operation of entire mech plant, roof vents and blinds to confirm operation from BMS override buttons at one operating station.