Aluminium, Mild Steel OR Stainless Steel

  • In-house 3KW fiber laser cutter and 7m long powder coating oven
  • 3mm 5005 Aluminium (standard offer)
  • 2mm Zinc Anneal Mild Steel (indoor only)
  • 2mm 316 Stainless Steel
  • IP54 Indoor or IP56 Outdoor (ventilated)
  • ~1250A with 1600A switchgear (temp rise by calculation at this stage)
  • 36kA Icc with 50kA for 1 sec Main Busbar
  • >10kA switchboards only with Schneider gear
  • Far easier for sites with dimension constraints


Modular System

  • IP43 also available, same design as IP42
  • Up to 4000A
  • 'Sheetmetal' is manufactured in Australia by B&R;
  • Designed and verified for CT chamber and chassis applications, as per AS/NZS 61439.1 & 2
  • 1.6mm or 2mm Zinc Anneal Mild Steel
  • IP42 or IP54 (both options, indoor use only)
  • Form 2 to Form 4 (can use chassis or full busbar)
  • Withstanding up to 85kA for 1 sec
  • Exclusively offered in full height tiers
  • Only for power distribution (no MCCs yet)
  • Available with a Glass Front Door rated IK10.


Modular System
  • >1.5mm Mild Steel Panels (with various other materials for gear trays, frames, etc.)
  • Option for stainless steel construction (imported)
  • IP42 or IP54 (both options indoor only)
  • 6000A
  • Up to 120kA for 1 sec / 65kA for 3 sec
  • Very versatile system for special installs
  • Available in fixed, plug-in, and withdrawable


Black Rock Mixer Plant

Dimensions: 1780W x 2020H x 630D 

This IP54-rated CUBIC Switchboard features a built-in Sulzer relay for temperature and leakage management in pumps and mixers. It minimizes false alarms with separate alarm outputs, and the features a manual reset option for the main contactor relay.

EV Networks Chargers

Bentrol was contacted by this customer who requested over 50+ mains switchboards for EV charging stations in Melbourne outer suburbs, country Victoria, and NSW border. Since mid-2022, this customer has been consistently ordering 6 switchboards per month without fail and with minor changes depending on the new site.

Barham Schools

With this particular client, Bentrol successfully completed a tender excercise with the NSW Public Works Advisory. Throughout the process, our team carefully and accurately revised multiple quotes for multiple switchboards during the engineering and drafting process. Thanks to our team’s commitment we were able to secure this job.

Echuca Hospital

This particular job stood out because of the varied switchboards and distribution boards, each carrying distinct dimensions. Every board was exactly customised to cater to specific needs within different areas or departments present in the hospital. These factors played a role in the ultimate result of each board.

Shepparton BP Station

Our engineers made it a priority of satisfying the customers’ requirements and ensuring that all the necessary details were taken into consideration during the multiple revisions of this MSB. Meeting all Australian standards in workmanship and coordination with other trades and adhering to regulations was key to this job. It also included the safe removal of the older switchboard, and installing voice/data cabling.

Carbon Revolution Stage 1

This purposely built freestanding modular three phased switchboard, incorporates a Schneider PowerTag meter. It plays a vital role in enabling real-time monitoring and measurement of energy and power consumption for the Megaline distribution board, ensuring the provision of precise data for successful energy management.






Lorne MSSB

To achieve the objectives of this particular switchboard, Baron Water engaged Bentrol to fabricate and commission through several iterations of a drafting process. The aim was to design, construct, and install four CUBIC switchboards of varying sizes at their water treatment plant located in Lorne. The switchboards primary focus is to monitor the consumer consumption through the use of Schneider PM5560 energy meters.

Wurdee MCC

What is special about this IP54 CUBIC motor control centre is that, it is an upgrade to an existing 1990’s modular board. The starter modules are fully withdrawable, and with ARC flash busbar containment. And each fictional unit to be de-mountable and units to be IP2X finger safe internally for further protection.

Lancefield SPS

Successfully manufacturing an IP56-rated outdoor standalone switchboard, which allows accurate monitoring and measurement of power consumption in an outdoor environment. This ensures that the power metering and specific needs of the project were met effectively.